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In order to provide a one-stop shop service to our customers, we offer the delivery-to-door solutions as one of the choices.  Delivery price is borne by buyers depending on the locations. 

Click this link to get a quote of delivery cost:


Your Plants Gets Ready The Next Day

Your plants can be delivered the next day after your order placed. Our order cuts off at 3PM everyday.

Thus if your order comes post 3PM of that day, it will be counting as the next day order and the plants will be arrived at your place earliest on the day after tomorrow. 

If you have a special request for the delivery dates, please mention it in the note when you confirm your order. 

Big Plant Delivery   

Please kindly prepare provide us your day-time availability for delivery on your preferred date. 

We would require at least 2 - 3 hours as buffer time for delivery in case of traffic jams. 

It happens, unfortunately, that our delivery delays occasionally due to traffic jams, especially on Monday and Peak holiday seasons. Please do understand this uncontrollable difficulty and provide a 2-3 hours range for the delivery. 

But don't worry, we are still staying closely for your order delivery status. It never gets missed!

  • Delivery to Doorstep service​ - click here.

  • Self-pick up  - 

       Self pick-up is free of charge. It is available post 12-1PM everyday. Please arrange a time to get arrived at Harbourview Horizon Hotel, Hung Hom. The nearest train station is Hung Hom train station. 














  • 送貨上門服務​ - 點擊 此處.


  • 自取服務  - 

       自取服務 是免費的. 你可以在每日12PM之後前來紅磡12號紅樂路海韻軒酒店自取你訂購的植物。最靠近的公共交通工具是紅磡火車站C出口。

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