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Having an inviting workspace with plants are becoming more and more popular these days - not only because plants have air purifying benefits, but also it turns out from scientific research that plants can help people to relieve stress and anxiety, as well as to increase productivity. 

We are offering plant rental services to our corporate clients as one of the solutions to green up the workspaces.

Plant Maintenance Services Coverage:

  • Watering & Misting/Spraying

  • Regular Fertilizing 

  • Manicuring & Pruning

  • Regular insect control 

  • Replacement of wilted plant

  • Maintenance notes (optional)

       - To allow clients to be aware if any potential issues of the plants


Instead of merely recommending the suitable plants to spruce up your workspace, we also provide ideas of plants and planters to make your workspace to look more stylish, modern and unique. 

It's time now to create a healthier workplace with plants, and transform the office desks into a space of calm, relaxation and productivity. Kindly arrange a site visit with us to understand more of our plant rental services. 



If you would like to see some new changes in your spaces / corporate environment every month or quarter, we also provide a monthly plant subscription service to cater to your needs.

This service includes - 

- Plant Delivery

- Weekly Plant Maintenance

- Replacement of wilted plant

- Existing Plant Disposal

We'd like to hear your preference and work out a plan together. 

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