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In order to provide a one-stop shop service to our customers, we offer the delivery-to-door service as the hassle-free solutions.  Delivery price is borne by buyers depending on the locations. 

Click this link to get a quote of delivery cost:


Your Plants Gets Ready The Next Day

Your plants can be delivered the next day after your order placed at the earliest opportunity. Our order cuts off at 3PM everyday.

Thus if your order comes post 3PM of that day, it will be counting as the next day order and the plants will be arrived at your place earliest on the day after tomorrow. 

If you have a special request for the delivery dates, please mention it in the note when you confirm your order. 

Plant and Gardening Accessories Delivery Service - 

Please kindly prepare provide us your day-time availability for delivery on your preferred date. 

We would require at least 2 - 3 hours as buffer time for delivery in case of traffic jams. 

It happens, unfortunately, that our delivery delays occasionally due to traffic jams, especially on Monday & Friday and Peak holiday seasons. Please do understand this uncontrollable difficulty and provide a 2-3 hours range for the delivery. 

But don't worry, we are still staying closely for your order delivery status. It never gets missed!

Delivery Service FAQ - Please refer to the most common FAQ here

  • Delivery to Doorstep Service​ Quote -  

     -  This service is only applicable for building with no stairs, got lift and free parking available. 

     -  In the case of walk-up building or stairs required, additional HKD $50 - $80 per plant per floor will be charged by the drivers for the carrying services depending on the plant size and weight, as per the current Hong Kong delivery standards.  This quotation will be only available after the driver arrives on that day and quote the price. Please kindly let us know if any stairs in your building beforehand.

       Please Note -  We have cases where clients missed to provide stairs information such as the building has more than 20 stairs from entrance to the elevator, hence the delivery to door quote is not applicable here. The driver will quote separately for the plant lifting over the stairs. In order to avoid any disputes, we suggest clients to fully reveal the stairs information from the parking area to door/ office. Please do kindly understand this.

     - In case of charged parking fee, driver would be asking buyers for additional parking fee by providing parking receipts as evidence. 

Delivery-to-Door Service Charges - 

1. HK Island

  • HK Island ( Downtown - not including Stanley, Shek O, Tai Tam, Repulse Bay, South Bay, Pok Fu Lam, Ap Lei Chau, Wong Chuk Hang and Cyberport)  - 180hkd

  • Repulse Bay, South Bay, Pok Fu Lam - 200hkd

  • Ap Lei Chau, Wong Chuk Hang, Cyberport - 210hkd

  • Stanley, Shek O, Tai Tam  - 230hkd


2. Kowloon    -  160hkd

3. New Territories 

  • New Territories ( Downtown - not including Sheung Shui, Tuen Mun, Fanling, Yuen Long, Pek Tam Chung, Tin Shui Wai, and Lau Fau Shan) - 180hkd 

  • Sai Kung, Clear Water Bay - 180hkd

  • Fanling, Sheung Shui, Tuen Mun, Yuen Long, Pek Tam Chung - 200hkd

  • Tin Shui Wai, Lau Fau Shan - 230hkd

4. Tung Chung- 260hkd

5. Discover Bay, Ma Wan ( Park Island) - 380hkd including discovery bay tunnel fee (round way) 

6. Hong Kong Outlying Islands ( Mui Wo, Lamma, Cheung Chau, etc) - 180hkd delivery to Central Pier only; please pick up your plants at the central pier, and follow up to arrange ferry delivery to your destination.


7. We are not able to offer our delivery service to restricted areas.

Special Note of Delivery services

1. For any cases or reasons, customers may need to notify us any changes of the delivery date & time one day ahead by 3pm. ( For example, you need to inform us if you wish to change the delivery date or time range before 3pm on Jan 01, 2024, if you have confirmed to receive the ordered items with us earlier on Jan 02, 2024).

2. Any late change or late communication on the delivery date/time may not be arranged given the last-minute request.

     - $250HKD administration fee will be applied to the last-minute change for the delivery address.

     - Last-minute change for delivery date will not be re-arranged. We will be still sending the ordered items to the shipping address.  If no one receives the ordered items, we will place them at the door and take a photo to customers. ( If there are stairs in the building, and it requires driver to carry goods over stairs, we would either place the ordered items with building security, or at the door if customers agree to pay extra for the stairs carry-up fees). 

     - Last-minute request of delivery time range will not be re-arranged. Please kindly check your schedule beforehand to prevent any clashes. We might not be able to change the delivery time range on the delivery date as we also have other customers' orders to handle. Much appreciated for your kind understanding. In case you can't meet our delivery staffs, we will have the ordered items sent to your door. 

3. In case of severe weather conditions (such as typhoon, black rain, or any uncontrollable forces), our delivery will be rescheduled without additional charge. We'll communicate this part with customers on case-by-case basis. 







你訂購的植物, 最快會在你確認訂單后的第二日送到。我們每日截單時間為下午3PM。








送貨服務常見問題 - 請參閱此處最常見的常見問題


  • 送貨上門服務​ 

       - 這個服務僅適用於大廈無樓梯、有電梯和有免費泊車的地點。


       - 如果送貨地點是唐樓或者有樓梯,根據香港現時的送貨標準,每盆植物每層樓梯可能需要格外支付給司機外加50-80hkd,具體費用視乎植物尺寸和重量。這個報價會在司機到達後,根據多少級樓梯, 植物數量和重量另行報價。。所所以如果你的地點有樓梯,請先與我們溝通好大廈樓梯的情況。

       -  請注意:我們曾經遇到從大廈入口到電梯有20多級樓梯的情況,因此我們通常送貨上門的報價就不能適用於這個情況。司機會根據實際樓梯狀況和植物數量和重量另行報價。爲了避免爭議,我們會建議客人事先將樓梯資料跟我們溝通。請你能夠理解。

      -  如果大廈需要停車場泊車,司機會提供泊車收據向客人收取相應的停車場費用。

      -  謝謝你的支持和理解。

送貨上門的收費 - 

1. 香港島

  • 香港島 ( 中心地帶 - 不包括赤柱, 石澳, 大潭, 淺水灣, 南灣, 薄扶林和數碼港)  - 180hkd

  • 淺水灣, 南灣, 薄扶林 - 200hkd

  • 鴨脷洲, 黃竹坑, 數碼港 - 210hkd

  • 赤柱, 石澳, 大潭  - 230hkd

2. 九龍   -  160hkd

3. 新界

  • 新界 ( 中心地帶 - 不包括上水, 屯門, 元朗, 北潭涌, 天水圍和流浮山) - 180hkd 

  • ​西貢, 清水灣  - 180hkd

  • 上水, 屯門, 元朗, 北潭涌 - 200hkd

  • 天水圍, 流浮山 - 230hkd

4. 東涌- 260hkd

5. 愉景灣, 馬灣 ( 珀麗灣) - 380hkd (已包括愉景灣隧道來回收費)

6. 香港離島 ( 梅窩, 南丫島, 長洲, etc) - 180hkd 運費到中環碼頭; 請你在中環碼頭接受你預定的植物和安排渡輪運送到你的目的地。


7. 我們暫時不能提供運送服務到受限制的離島地點。


1. 基於任何情況或原因,客戶需要提前一天下午3點之前通知我們交貨日期或者時間的變更。 (舉例,如果你之前已跟我們確認於2024年1月2日在家接收訂購的商品,您需要最遲在2024年1月1日下午3pm前通知我們你要更改送貨日期或者時間)。

2.  送貨日期當日要求的延期/ 或者更改送貨時間,我們可能無法安排。

    - 在送貨日期當日要求更改送貨地址 - 我們將額外收取 250 港元行政費。

    - 在送貨日期當日要求更改交貨日期 - 我們將不會重新安排。我們仍會將客人訂購的商品寄送至要求地址。如果沒有人在家收貨,我們會將其貨物放在門口並拍照給顧客。 (如果大樓內有樓梯,需要司機將貨物搬上樓梯,我們會將訂購的物品放置在大樓保安處,或者客戶同意支付額外的樓梯搬運費,我們則將其貨物放置在客人門口)。

    - 在送貨日期當日要求更改送貨時間 - 我們將不會重新安排。請您提前核對好你的日程安排,以免發生行程衝突。由於我們還有其他客戶的訂單需要處理,因此我們可能無法更改送貨時間。感謝你的體諒。


3. 如遇惡劣天氣(如颱風、黑雨或任何無法控制的外部環境),我們將會重新安排送貨,並且不收取任何額外費用。我們將根據具體情況與客戶溝通送貨事宜

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