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Please note:

The pictures above are for reference only. The real object should be considered as final. 


  • Pachira Aquatica (Money Tree) could be placed in both indoor and outdoors. 
  • It prefers a bright lighting condition, better with some mild direct sunlight.
  • Don't recommend this plant for weak to medium lighting space.
  • It could be under full sun or under strong direct sunlight (such as summer afternoon direct sunlight). But it could be potentially have the leaves scorched. We recommend customers to move the plant gradually from shaded area to be full sun condition in this case. 
  • Good air circulation. For indoors, it is best to be placed next to window.



請注意 -上面的圖片只供參考。請以最後收到的實物為准。


  • 也稱為步步高發財樹
  • 發財樹適合在室内外種植。
  • 喜歡在光綫充足明亮的環境生長,最好有一些溫和的直射陽光照射。
  • 不建議放在低度和中度光線的地方養植。
  • 可以放置在全日照的環境,或者有強烈陽光的地方(例如夏天下午的陽光)。但植物有可能會有葉子曬焦。我們建議客人逐步把植物從半陰的位置,移去全日照的地方。 
  • 良好的通風環境。如果放置在室內,最好是放置在窗口旁邊。

Three-Stem Huge Pachira Aquatica (Money Tree) 三柱大發財樹

    • Pachira Aquatica has a height of 6-7 Feets. 
    • Price can be chosen to be with original plastic pot, or included a big ceramic pot or cement pot.
    • This product comes with a saucer for ceramic or cement pot options.


    • Please note  -
    • For ceramic pots - given there is no ceramic saucers are produced by factories nowadays, we only provide plastic saucers with matching colors. The plastic saucers are thick and in high quality. 
    • For cement pots - we also provide the same high-quality plastic saucers in black color. If you request for cement saucers, please remark this in the order. There will be extra costs for the cement saucers. 


    • 植物有6-7尺的高度可以選擇。
    • 價格可選擇原來植物的塑膠盆,或者陶瓷花盆,或者水泥花盆。
    • 如果選擇陶瓷花盆或者水泥花盆,此產品也會包括一個底碟。


    • 請注意 
    • 陶瓷花盆 - 因為現在沒有廠家生產陶瓷底碟,我們只能提供相對應顏色的塑料底碟。塑料底碟的質量很好而且比較厚身。
    • 水泥花盆 - 我們會提供一樣的高質量黑色底碟。如果你需要水泥底碟,麻煩在訂單裡面備註。水泥底碟需要有額外的收費。