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Please note:

The pictures above are for reference only. The real object should be considered as final.


  • Poinsettia is good to be both indoors and outdoors in cool & shaded area
  • Avoid direct sunlight
  • Poinsettia is seasonal plant - it could be last for around 1 month if it is under proper care


Size of the poinsettia - 

  • 5 inch pot - around 30-40cm height
  • 7 inch pot - around 45cm height
  • 9 inch pot - around 60cm height
  • 12 inch pot - around 65-80cm height


Delivery Arrangement

  • Ready to get delivered in December. Please indicate your expected delivery date in the note.
  • Some of the products and sizes are already available now. Please contact us if you would like to have them delivered earlier than December.


請注意 -上面的圖片只供參考。請以最後收到的實物為准。


  • 聖誕花可以在室内外陰涼位置放置
  • 避免直射陽光
  • 聖誕花是季節性植物- 如果得到適合的照顧,植物可以保持一個月左右



  • 12 月份可以運送。請在備注中著名你的預計交貨日期。
  • 有一些規格的產品已經有現貨。如果你想要在12月份前收到植物,請與我們聯繫。


聖誕花尺寸 - 

  • 5寸盆 - 約 30-40cm高度
  • 7寸盆- 約 45cm高度
  • 9寸盆 - 約 60cm高度
  • 12寸盆 - 約 65-80cm高度

Pink White Poinsettia 冰晶聖誕花

    • 4 Different Sizes
    • Color: Light Yellow
    • Price can be chosen to be with original plastic pot, or included a golden cloth.
    • Saucer included: it will come along with a plastic saucer


    • 4個不同尺寸
    • 顔色:淺黃色
    • 價格可選擇原來植物的塑膠盆,或者金色盆套
    • 底碟已包括:植物會連著普通膠碟一起發送