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Please note:

The pictures above are for reference only. The real object should be considered as final. 


  • Direct sunlight required, perfect for outdoors full sun and half sun. 
  • Night-blooming jasmine blooms in the months of summer. Creamy White Flowers with a strong fragrance.
  • As its name implies night-blooming jasmine, the flowers open only during the nighttime hours and close up tightly during the day.
  • Good to keep mosquito away


請注意 -上面的圖片只供參考。請以最後收到的實物為准。


  • 需要直接陽光直射,適合室外種植全日照和半日照
  • 夜來香通常在夏天開花。米白色花,有濃烈的香味。
  • 夜來香晚上開花,早上收起。
  • 可以驅蚊。

Cestrum nocturnum (Night-Blooming Jasmine) 夜來香

    • Night-Blooming Jasmine has a height around 1 feets.
    • Price included the original plastic pot (no saucer included).


    • 夜來香有1尺的高度
    • 價格已包含原來的塑料盆(不包括底碟)。