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Please note:

The pictures above are for reference only. The real object should be considered as final. 


  • Bougainvillea is good to be outdoors under full sun condition
  • Flowering twice to three times one year
  • Please note that bougainvillea will take a longer time (around 1 month) to get adapted to new environment. Please expect flowers and leaves might drop in the first month after repotting. 


請注意 -上面的圖片只供參考。請以最後收到的實物為准。


  • 簕杜鵑適合在室外有全日照的環境種植
  • 可以一年開2到3次花
  • 請注意:簕杜鵑需要比較長的復盆的時間(大概一個月時間)。請預期植物在換盆后第一個月會掉花和葉。

Bougainvillea (One Color - Purple) - 簕杜鵑(單一顔色 - 紫色)

    • The Bougainvillea has a 2-4 feets height to choose.
    • Price can be chosen to be with original plastic pot, or included a big ceramic pot or cement pot.
    • This product comes with a saucer if you choose the plant comes with a ceramic pot or cement pot. [ Please note that ceramic saucer comes in a set of the pot; if there is no ceramic saucer available, we will include a plastic saucer. ]


    • 簕杜鵑有2-4尺可以選擇。
    • 價格可選擇原來植物的塑膠盆,或者陶瓷花盆,或者水泥花盆。
    • 如果你選擇陶瓷或者水泥花盆,此產品亦包括一個底碟. [注意:底碟會跟花盆配好一套裝;如果無一套裝的底碟,我們會爲你配好一個塑膠底碟.]